Bailey Grey
I remembered waking at 2am, the winds rattling the window pane, lightning casting shadows of angry trees fighting their roots against the door — one of the two that separated you from me because I wanted a good night's sleep before work. Because you snore and the puppy whines. But the thunder crashed like the desperate fear in me some days when you leave and I wonder how I would feel if that was the last time I saw you. I was in the shower when you left for work — no kiss goodbye. It's just rain. Just leaves falling. Just tornado warnings through the night, the clock on the oven flashing the wrong time, and neither of us resetting it.

Bailey Grey is a bipolar software developer living in Virginia with her boyfriend, a puppy, and a grumpy old cat. Her work can be found in Crab Fat Magazine, and she is on Twitter (@BaileyGWrites).