Welcome to the second issue of Dovecote!
We love all of you. & we love these few words that we are able to bring to you all every few months. We can sweep in like a quick, stiff wind & just blow. & then we’re still here, but a little less rowdy; a bit more at home. This is readily apparent in Kyla Houbolt’s “The Storm Like a Feral and Hungry Creature Appreciates a Ritual Meal” which rises into a frenzy reminiscent of Lear’s transformative madness before finding calm. Or the quick canter of clarification that none of Luis Lopez-Maldonado’s five jobs are blow-jobs. Of particular note this issue is our return to the topic of bodies & the spaces we inhabit. A dovecote is a communal home & space to exist is constantly a process of self-revision & expansion. This is apparent in Razielle Aigen’s concern over balancing preservation & new growth in “fruiting bodies” & can be found seeping from every word of Alina Ştefănescu’s beautiful rumination on the contortions of transformed identity. Ştefănescu moves through both her own world & a world that is not her own but also is. These things that change us as we learn what the word “home” even means when it can become something so drastically different—it can become a place of safety or adventure; of terror or disillusionment. Always so close. & there is so much more for you all. Welcome to Dovecote #2, we hope you enjoy yourselves. Best, Danielle Rose Managing Editor