Jack Williamson
Glasgow Queer Street
unscrewed the thermos lid & saw a little me in the dark; waiting bubbles floating through my skin clotted in a dirt flavoured tea he called it coffee; black brown & bubbling blotted like ink & smelled like scorched earth—we don’t need him anymore saw him sometimes; talked about the trains the newest model is yellow & blue & fast carriages that move along straight lines predestined destination; point a to b steel tracks & ferrous blood on my lips hurtled downward onto the black tarmac suddenly coffee was like violence bottled— consider the driver; expert of the track & line knowing his son was the bender this smelled like coffee that was when i started drinking it hot, like i could burn the evidence

Jack Williamson is a Scottish poet currently completing his degree in English literature and professional teaching at the University of Stirling. His writing deals with the themes of queer identity and masculinity in the modern world.