Oswaldo Vargas
The Weight
Our men are Heavy No wonder mom taught me how to carry them after they stayed around the campfire too long Backup singers to each other’s ballad written for times like these Drunk enough to dare, drunk enough to sit me down and teach me how men make the planets M O V E How to pull women in to make them my moon What does it make me, then, when I spin in my room with a shawl given by a mother who warned me that if I spun fast enough I can still reflect light?

Oswaldo Vargas is a Michoacan native raised in Northern California and a former farm worker. He attended the University of California, Davis where he studied history, human rights, and Jewish studies. Previous publications include Huizache and Green Mountains Review's tribute issue to former U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. He lives in Sacramento, CA.