Quinn Zeljak
Approximately four hundred and fifty fossilized sea urchins, in several drawers in the back of the natural history museum; two hundred and fifty million years old. Labeled, archived and protected, next to more dung beetles than anyone could ever have a use for, pricked onto acid free paper. All lost in the fire. Flames licked bones and stones all the same and melted the dinosaur replicas, now puddles of plastic, which is made of dinosaurs, which is to say that we still have the mold. And France has the original. Seventeen mummified animals and a sign that said ‘biblical paradox’, now returned to ash. On the list of the things we lost in a BuzzFeed article. Safe online until the power runs out.

Quinn Zeljak is a twenty-one year old fine arts student in The Netherlands. Their work explores the gray area between art and writing. Quinn's work is forthcoming in Glassworks Magazine.