Michael Akuchie
A Note on Masturbation
Inside Benin’s sweltering heat, I furnish the threshold of my flesh with folds of inevitable desire. I gallop down the highway of imagination, thighs evaporate attention in a charge of hands. I peel off the fur of my longing &develop a valley of thirst that chews on all I offer with a solemn stroke. Men that overlap the edge of bibles denounce all I accomplish with tenderness & aim to desecrate the temple of my body. To stroke, they pronounce, is to bathe in a denomination of sin. Sometimes, the body wishes to not be mistaken for wood abandoned & allowed to echo the ritual of loneliness. Sometimes the church reads the book of enjoyment backwards. What this body craves is a moment shared with friction, a devotion to lasting satisfaction. Listen, I drape my tongue with a lake of melody to sound beautiful.

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Michael Akuchie is an Igbo-Esan-born emerging poet currently studying English and Literature at the University of Benin, Nigeria. An Orison Anthology nominee, his poems have previously appeared on The Mantle, Willawaw, Collective Unrest, Impossible Task, Anomaly, Glass, Inverse Journal and elsewhere. He tweets @Michael_Akuchie. He is a Contributing Editor at Barren Magazine.