A Year is a Small Thing

Everything in the world has a spirit released by its sound.
Time passes quickly. Danielle and I started Dovecote one year ago with the intent to bring some attention to young or unpublished poets. We are both members of several online poetry groups, and the amount of undiscovered talent being limited to chatrooms and blogs is astounding. And though there has been talk recently online regarding the value of being published in small "bleep blorp" literary magazines such as ours, what cannot be belittled is the value of finding a supportive home for your work, and the way in which movements are built from the ground up. We here at Dovecote do not believe in the genius artist nor the grand canon of true poetry. To limit ourselves to the prescribed notions of popular poetry is to close off against potentially great work. As Danielle often says, "Poetry isn't a single big church but a lot of small churches." That is the goal: to raise the small churches, to build not a cathedral but a birdhouse. Speaking of small, we are making some changes to our submission process. We will now be releasing issues monthly, and accept submissions continually. Each month we will feature just four poets. This means a quicker response time for your submissions and more focused issues. Please do feed the birds, Gerardo Gonzalez Editor in Chief

The human soul weighs twenty-six grams. A cathedral can become a dovecote.
-- Carolyn Forché, "Blue Hour"


Dovecote Magazine: January 2020